Spring Equinox Dreaming with the Plants Package!

Spring brings the return of potent energy that has been waiting underground to resurface anew, and a sweeping out of the old, stagnant “stuff” that may have accumulated in your body, mind, and heart over the hibernation and dream time of winter.

Many of the first plants and ephemeral beings that pop onto the scene in the spring are great physical medicine–helping to bolster your liver, get things moving again, and help you find balance as the energy of the season shifts around you. Some come with their beauty only for a short time while others regenerate through fall.

Spring also brings a different kind of creative power–one of bursting fertility, trying things anew (or new things). This spring, I invite you to connect with nature. To see the first plants that grow where you live, and discover more about them.

Here in North America, some of the springtime plant friends are Dandelion, Nettle, Violet, and Trillium. In the spirit of new energy–they want to come to you as a special (limited time) offering.

In your Spring 2022 Dreaming with the Plants package, you will receive in the mail:

If you’d prefer a digital package of books and information (and use a Kindle reader or app) we can do that too!

Your investment:

Physical package of books and more: $50 USD (includes shipping and handling).

Digital package with links to Kindle eBooks and more: $25 USD.

Payment via Venmo, Zelle, or PayPal (with a 3.5% transaction fee).

Orders must be placed by February 14th to ensure delivery prior to the Spring Equinox on March 21st. Packages will be sent no later than March 14th.

Due to shipping costs, package available only in the US.

To order, fill out the form below. Heather will be in touch about payment details.

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