Majestic Wisdom Publishing invites you to remember your magic.

Publisher, author, and podcast host of Majestic Wisdom Publishing, Heather Sanderson has spent many years practicing and training in healing arts and sciences including Sacred Plant Medicine, yoga, meditation, Reiki, depth psychology, and others. Through this exploration, and her own healing path, she focuses on reclaiming the sacred feminine and healing invisible wounds.

Though she worked in publishing for many years, and always yearned to be a writer, Heather never imagined that she would launch a press. It arrived bit by bit.

First came the name. Years ago Heather felt her grandmother’s presence guiding her. Her name was Mabel Augusta Wise. For some reason, one night sitting in her apartment in Brooklyn, Heather looked up what each name meant: Beloved Majestic Wisdom. Awe resonated within her and, with this link to her ancestors prodding her forward, Heather continued to listen.

Next came the image of an Owl and Unicorn in a full moon. Heather loved the idea Owl representing wisdom and the unicorn, majesty. She sketched it on the back of a notebook, and it was transformed into the image you see today by the talented Rasa Morrison.

She had these bits of information but didn’t know why exactly or what might come form them. Years passed.

She started to write and to heal creativity that she had shut down in her early twenties. The more she healed, the more flowed forth. Still, she wasn’t sure what to write.

After publishing a couple of workshops as eBooks, she set out to write with intention: one short book a month. That is when the plants came through and asked her to co-create short books to share their medicine. So she did. Thus, Majestic Wisdom Publishing became fully formed and ready to be born into the world. With the help of her dear friend and editor, Deanna McFadden, an entire collection of Plant and Tree Spirit short reads now exist and Heather has many more book projects appearing that she can’t wait to share with you as they become ready. To see her work in other places beyond Majestic Wisdom, click here.

Ultimately, Majestic Wisdom Publishing hopes to inspire you to heal, connect, and bring your magic into the world.

Photo of Heather Sanderson by Melodee Solomon.
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