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Reviews for Dreaming with the Plants Series:

“I love them! They are beautifully written and very user friendly 🙂  It is very hard for most people to start a huge herb book, it can be very daunting when you have little reading time. These books are simple & inspiring.” —Jean Howard

“This book is a clear concise description of working with plant consciousness. Thank you Heather for all of your work and for connecting me to Dandelion.” —Allison Jane

“This book is both spiritual and magical. I’ve always appreciated trees. In the past few years I’ve read about tree therapy, forest bathing, and how trees communicate with other trees. Sanderson brings a fresh perspective in how humans and trees can connect with each other. She gives tips and guidance on this practice. Dreaming with Redwood is a short and breezy read, with never a dull passage as each section is relevant and concise.” —Sharif

“These books are amazing. The author writes in a clear and inviting style, striking the perfect balance between theory and practicality when it comes to understanding and working with the plant world. A must read for all those seeking deeper connections with the natural world around them!” —Amazon Customer

“Beautifully written, encouraging and generous with subtle and beautiful knowledge. The Oaks have much to teach us, and here’s your tutor!” —Amazon Customer

“Before I read this book, I did not know what Elder was or what it could do! But now I know and I’m intrigued. This is another great entry in Heather Sanderson’s series of Plant Series Short Reads. I don’t have the time (or the inclination!) to read long books on each of the plants I’m interested in. This series is so good because it highlights the things I want to know — where I can find the plants (in this case, Elder) and how I can use them to improve my life (for Elder, boosting my immune system and clearing my sinuses, among other things!) The book also includes some Elder folklore (it has an association with witches) which was fascinating to read!”—Jennifer E.

“In a world where our days are often busy, Heather’s short reads are a fantastic way to incorporate healing plants into your life (effortlessly). “Dreaming With Violet” makes for a sweet plant connection that helps you understand the plant’s benefits on a medicinal, emotional and spiritual level.” –Cicely Everson

“Heather, so happy to find your work! I found Dreaming with Redwood as I was searching for books in preparation for a trip to the west coast to visit them. Loved it and have since been exploring your podcast and other offerings. I can’t say how much I’m admiring and resonating with your work. Thank you.” —Elena A.

“I loved reading this “short read” on violet. It truly was a dreamy experience. Each page was filled with a sense of wonder and evoked a feeling of such peace in me. I took to reading a little each night before bed, as a way to slow down and be eased into a state of inner quiet and connection. There were times when reading it that I felt as if I were going into a kind of trance state – as if this sweet little flower were seducing me with her subtle, calm beauty. I’ve read a couple other books by Heather Sanderson, and I’ve enjoyed and treasured each one. This one is particularly wonder-inducing.” —Cathy C.

“Heather Sanderson’s Plant + Tree Spirit books are just delightful. She has a very apparent connection with our planet’s flora, and her three year apprenticeship in Sacred Plant Medicine in Ireland is paying off! When I heard that she had a Redwood edition available I was instantly drawn to it. The time I spent in California created such a fascination with these gentle giants, and reading Heather’s book only added to the magic. I highly recommend that you check out her books if you too are interested in learning more about a particular plant or tree. You will come away with a new, deeper understanding of each one thanks to her research and general love for things that grow.” —Heather E.

“I love reading short reads that are packed full of direct information. The story came alive in my mind as I read it.” —Cinda Cianelli

“This was a pleasant, easy read that left me feeling light and calm. Thank you Heather, I’m looking forward to your other novellas.” —Lauren Glaude

“Huge fan of Heather Sanderson’s work. So grounded, so beautiful and pure! I am a reiki master (she attuned me to my mastership) and I run self-exploring and transformational programs. I am honored to have her opening the programs with a beautiful plant channeling session for my groups, they get to take their plant on their transformational journey as their guide. They love it! Our last group had Willow as their guide. The book has so much great information: what is tree consciousness is, what is tree spirit, how to merge with tree spirit, how to dream with Willow, what is the spirit of Willow, The folklore of Willow and an overview of Willow medicine. This book is mind blowing and Willow was the perfect guide for the group, and I am sure for you as well, since your reading this 🙂 Everyone bought the book, including me and I have it next to my bed, love reading it before I go to sleep… dream with Willow.” —Nathalie B.

“I LOVED learning from the gathering of information shared on Birch, and am greatly inspired to apply the suggestions and practices offered.

It is the first time in my life that I live close to these trees, as I was born and lived great part of my life in the tropics, in Brazil. While living in Santa Rosa, California, I had a very strong connection with Live Oak trees, as there was one right beside our bedroom. I felt very attuned to it, and always felt it was holding us safe with its roots under our bed and its branches over the bedroom. It was such a close and intimate connection, and I loved partaking in it.

When we chose the apartment we rent now in the Pacific Northwest, we were drawn to its position in the corner with tall Birch trees planted there: this was one of the special inviting features of the unit we now live in.

Well, since moving here, the Birch trees in this area are the ones I feel the most connected with, but before coming across this book, I had not yet taken the extra steps nor had I made the extra moves to become even closer to these trees. Now, through this book, I have been inspired to establish a closer and more intimate connection with the Betula Pendula and Paper Birch that is also present in the gardens I walk in this neighborhood.

This book has inspired me to align with the pioneering and leadership qualities of Birch, and all else that it has to share with me. Thank you so much for writing these books! We all need to establish closer relationships with our tree allies!” —Ruth Toledo Altschuler

“This short and sweet book is fun to read. In the middle of reading I played with the exercises and found them powerful and fun. So nourishing!” —Jenny B.

“I loved this short read, it’s a guided meditation/visualization + plant spirit exploration! I loved connected to the plants in this way, and had a magical experience connecting with Holly, my namesake plant 🙂 Highly recommend for anyone looking to connect with the magic of plants in a new way.” —Holly R.

“Birch trees are trees that I see often but had never really thought about. Thanks to this book, one of several in the Tree Spirit Short Read series, I have a lot more knowledge about these trees! Birch is also known as the “mother tree” and represents fertility, due to her ability to grow quickly. Many parts of Birch are edible, and a tea can be made from her twigs and leaves. She can also be used in tinctures and poultices as well. I’m always amazed at how informative and useful Heather Sanderson’s books are. If you want to know more about how Birch can improve your life, check out this book!” —Jennifer E.

“This was an enjoyable read. Before picking up Sanderson’s books, I would briefly ponder the connection between human and plant spirits. Her writing provides insightful information on this connection to further anyone’s understanding about plants and their energy. I like how holly is also connected with folklore, e.g. fairy beings. I’m going to look at holly differently after reading this.” —Sharif

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book and rated it five stars because Heather presented the information in such a gentle, yet straightforward way. She did not overly complicate the content and this book was an easy read for me. I completed the dreaming exercise at the end of the book and really did feel a sense of connection to the Goldenrod plant.

Give this book a try if you’re curious to find out more about the metaphysical properties of Goldenrod. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!” —Mrs. Yarah

Dreaming with Apple is another magical and informative read from Heather Sanderson. The spirit, mythology, health benefits, and other aspects of apple are explored in this book. My appreciation and awareness of plants have grown with this series.” —Sharif

Reviews for Sister, a Collection of Poems:

“Love Sister a collection of poems!! As i read them i notice i slow down, away from my rushing to read this poem n then the next n the next. Instead i read slower, feeling the moment. Sanderson’s one line centers me: Remember the slow pace of being. Yes!!” —Pat B.

Reviews for Loving Kindness for Everyday Life:

“I’ve read several books on the practice of loving-kindness, and this is one of my favorites. It brings this ancient practice into our everyday life in a simple, straightforward and gentle way. I highly recommend it, especially for those who are looking for a practice that is a little different from a traditional meditation practice. Give it a try.” —Cathy C.

Reviews for Building the Future Now Through Reiki:

“I got this book cause I’m just starting to learn about Reiki and it’s very easy to read. It explains Reiki very well. Heather Sanderson did an amazing job putting everything on paper. Nathalie was clear in explaining Reiki. If you want to know more about Reiki, I would highly recommend this book.” —Dylan T.

Reviews for Nature Sanctuary for the Future:

“As someone who is really concerned about the state of the planet right now, I was very happy to read this book as it gave me hope. Marina Levitina is the director and chairperson of the Lough Grainey Nature Sanctuary in county Clare, Ireland, and in the conversation she talks about this space (Nature Sanctuary is a nature reserve) where they are committed to protecting it’s biodiversity, and offering nature education to children, among other things! In the conversation Heather and Marina talk about rewilding — allowing the land to return to it’s natural state — which I loved reading about! I think this book would be of interest to anyone who is interested in protecting our planet, in small or big ways. Heather writes that “when the land is healed, so too are we” and I couldn’t agree more!”—Jennifer E.

Reviews for Holding Space to Heal:

“I really enjoyed reading this book. While I usually listen to podcasts, I found this one was so full of information and terms I hadn’t heard before that I was grateful that it was available in book form! The book starts with a list of key concepts which was so helpful to me, as it defines many terms that I’ve heard used before but I didn’t know what they meant (such as “holding space”, a term I’ve heard in yoga classes before). This book has lots of information on Tarot, which I knew so little about but now I know more, and it’s fascinating. Heather and Holly delve really deeply into some interesting topics, including what it means to find a safe “held space”. I highly recommend it!”—Jennifer E.

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