Plant Medicine Reading

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Combining herbal medicine, sacred plant medicine, plant spirit guidance, and a rich tapestry of psychological and energetic healing through the body, a Plant Medicine Reading with Heather Sanderson gives you an all-encompassing dose of what will help you in this moment and the next.

Why have a Plant Medicine Reading?

Plants and humans share a deep connection: one that is reciprocal and needs tending. By having a Plant Medicine Reading you open to the plant world in new ways. For example, you may feel out of balance, lost, confused, out of touch with your own intuition, or unsure of yourself (or next steps). You may feel completely balanced and yearn for a deeper connection with a plant friend or ally. There are only “right” answers and, if you feel called to the plants, a reading is for you!

It’s important to know that Plant Medicine Readings are not a replacement for therapy, working with your physician, or any other required medical care. There are no promises or “cures,” simply another source of information for you to think about and integrate into your life. By agreeing to have a session, you are taking on the responsibility for your own health and wellbeing.

What to expect in a session?

In a 45-minute Zoom call, Heather will ask you a series of questions, unique to you, to create a picture of what it is you are working with at the moment. Once the picture feels complete, you will receive herbal medicine suggestions (such as which plants you might want to make into an infusion, tincture, salve, or have a bath with) and a plant spirit guide that is coming forward to work with you at this time. We’ll discuss ways you can work with this plant spirit as well.

If you’re curious about the plant spirit reading, you can listen to a Majestic Wisdom Podcast episode to have a taste of what they’re like.

After the session, Heather will email you the plants that came to work with you, along with any instructions for how to prepare your own infusions and tinctures, if needed.

Photo by Melodee Solomon.

Working with Heather

Trained in Sacred Plant Medicine, Heather brings a multi-faceted approach to you. Working with practical, basic, herbal medicine or “folk” medicine, as well as the energy body, psychology, and spirit, she infuses several modalities, into each session.

For a complete list of her trainings, teachers, and influences you can visit her other website,

What’s the exchange?

Heather works on a sliding scale basis. For a 45-minute Plant Medicine Reading, the rate is between $85-125 USD. Payment must be received via Venmo or e-transfer prior to a session to complete your booking.

To book your session, email

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