Creative Being: A Conversation with Gérome Barry

Inspired by a podcast conversation between Gérome Barry and Heather Sanderson, this short book explores the core of human creativity. What inspires us to create and why? How do ideas manifest into everyday reality?

Independent filmmaker, actor, director, producer, screenwriter and artist Gérome Barry shares his personal journey of creating his first feature film, Swing Rendez-vous, including how the idea was born and what it led him to do next…

Gérome talks about his creative process, vision, ways of collaborating, how he spent time in the pandemic making short films in his apartment, and what being able to create something every day means to him. We also discuss the staggering possibility of full freedom when it comes to creativity.

Heather offers a plant spirit reading in relation to this work, and talks about why working with plants is a key part of our planetary evolution. Worksheets to aid in exploring your own creative impulses, commitment, and calls to action are also included to make this book an immersive and interactive experience so that you can explore your own unique creative being. Together, the future is possible!

Gérome Barry studied political science before entering La Fémis cinema school in Paris. He produced about ten short films, which won awards at international festivals. Then he directed four short films: The Big Musical Number (musical comedy, audience award at Beijing film festival), Séraphin (dark comedy), Suicide Express (comedy, jury award at Montpellier film festival) and Expedition Under My Bed (55 festival selections and 5 awards around the world).

Meanwhile, he worked for many years in film production, first as script consultant for Cinémage (French investment company) and Quad Cinema (producer of The Intouchables), and then as post-production supervisor for Moby Dick Films (Mademoiselle de Joncquières), where he had the chance to work with directors such as Emmanuel Mouret, Jean Paul Civeyrac and Serge Avédikian.

His first feature film Swing Rendez-vous, a romantic and musical comedy à la Jacques Tati or Jacques Demy, was released on cinema screens in France in January 2023.

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“A must read for all creatives. Heather Sanderson empowers us to create something every day.”—Vanja A.

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