Dreaming with Birch

Dreaming with Birch takes you on a journey into the world of the trees and plants.

Through introducing concepts of active imagination, shamanic practices, and how to connect and dream with Plant and Tree Spirits (and what that means), this short book provides insight, encouragement, and practical application for you to discover or strengthen your relationship with the plant and tree world in general and Birch in particular.

Dreaming with Birch also shares some of the spiritual characteristics, healing properties, and folklore associated with Birch. You’ll even experience a guided dream or story to receive special wisdom from Birch just for you.

Birch’s spirit and nature is that of initiating, breaking new ground, and aiding in the evolution (personal and collective) of consciousness. Discover more about these and her other healing abilities.

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I LOVED learning from the gathering of information shared on Birch, and am greatly inspired to apply the suggestions and practices offered.

It is the first time in my life that I live close to these trees, as I was born and lived great part of my life in the tropics, in Brazil. While living in Santa Rosa, California, I had a very strong connection with Live Oak trees, as there was one right beside our bedroom. I felt very attuned to it, and always felt it was holding us safe with its roots under our bed and its branches over the bedroom. It was such a close and intimate connection, and I loved partaking in it.

When we chose the apartment we rent now in the Pacific Northwest, we were drawn to its position in the corner with tall Birch trees planted there: this was one of the special inviting features of the unit we now live in.

Well, since moving here, the Birch trees in this area are the ones I feel the most connected with, but before coming across this book, I had not yet taken the extra steps nor had I made the extra moves to become even closer to these trees. Now, through this book, I have been inspired to establish a closer and more intimate connection with the Betula Pendula and Paper Birch that is also present in the gardens I walk in this neighborhood.

This book has inspired me to align with the pioneering and leadership qualities of Birch, and all else that it has to share with me.

Thank you so much for writing these books! We all need to establish closer relationships with our tree allies! —Ruth Toledo Altschuler

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