Dreaming with Heather

Dreaming with Heather takes you on a journey into the world of the plants.

Through introducing concepts of active imagination, shamanic practices, and how to connect and dream with Plant Spirits (and what that means), this short book provides insight, encouragement, and practical application for you to discover or strengthen your relationship with the plant world in general and Heather in particular.

Dreaming with Heather also shares some of the spiritual characteristics, healing properties, and folklore associated with Heather. You’ll even experience a guided dream or story to receive special wisdom from Heather just for you.

Heather embodies the ancient archetypal energies of the wild woman, the wise woman, and the crone, and within these, the spirit of living authentically, embracing the sacred feminine, and understanding the cycles of life and death (with a particular connection to the spirit world or otherworld). Discover more about these and her other healing abilities.

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“Heather is a plant I’m very unfamiliar with (I probably couldn’t identify it if it was right in front of me!) so I needed to read this book. Contrary to popular belief, heather is found all over the world, not just Scotland and Ireland! As I learned in this book, if heather was found growing in otherwise barren land, it indicated a good place to build a home. As it’s associated with the home, connecting with heather is a good way to ease homesickness on your journey. She’s also known to heal inflammatory conditions and can be used as a tonic to remove toxins. If you are interested in all of the ways you can use heather to improve yourself physically, emotionally or spiritually, this is a great book to read!”—Jennifer E.

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