Envisioning New Ecosystems: A Conversation with Stewart Hoyt

Inspired by a podcast conversation between Stewart Hoyt and Heather Sanderson, this short book takes you on a journey from Ecstatic and Authentic Movement to envisioning new ecosystems, even in places that seem “unnatural,” like the concrete jungle of New York City.

Stewart shares how the powerful connections we make with our bodies, our communities, and our own backyard create new ways of living interdependently. By offering concrete options that make practical and economic sense, Stewart highlights the huge potential of cities to be more productive and healthier than they have been in the past, and why this is essential in order to survive climate change.

Heather offers a plant spirit reading in relation to this work, and talks about why working with plants is a key part of our planetary evolution. Worksheets to aid in creating your vision, commitment, and calls to action are also included to make this book an immersive and interactive experience so that you can participate in creating this vision and contributing in your own way. The future is possible!

Stewart Hoyt is a Brooklyn-based Interdisciplinary Artist and Environmental Visionary. Find more of his work at www.stewarthoyt.com, and follow his Ecstatic Movement videos on Instagram at @stewart_hoyt.

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