Episode 12 – Building the Future Now Through Reiki with Nathalie Biermanns

Nathalie Biermanns

In this episode of Majestic Wisdom Podcast Heather co-creates with Nathalie Biermanns, a Reiki Master who has been practicing and offering Reiki for 18 years and is the Founder of Hollywood Reiki Studio in Los Angeles, California.

Nathalie is passionate about being a positive contributor to the collective and we talk about the work she’s been called to do with bringing Reiki to corporations, in particular, and her inspired vision for the future of our world. A future that is no longer destructive, but nourishing. One that we can start to build today by making the time to heal. Nathalie also shares part of her personal journey with Reiki, what Reiki is, the experience of her distant sessions over Zoom (and how Reiki works from afar).

Heather also offers a plant spirit reading in relation to this work. We hope that this podcast will inspire you to receive the nourishment that you need for yourself, and to contribute in your own way to those around you. Together, we can shift the world.

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