Episode 19 – Tending the Wellspring with Annie McDonnell, L.Ac.

photo of Annie McDonnell by Melodee Solomon

In this episode of Majestic Wisdom Podcast Heather co-creates with herbalist, sound healer, licensed acupuncturist, and owner of Joy Alchemy Acupuncture, Annie McDonnell. Annie shares her entry point into the healing arts and sciences, and we walk down the garden path of her journey to Traditional Chinese Medicine with a focus on acupuncture and many other healing arts that she incorporates into her practice, culminating in a new offering called Wellspring.

In addition to her offerings, Annie shares deeply about the “witch wound,” past lives and reincarnation, the fears around opening her own business, and what it means to work with joy as a healing practice.

Heather also offers a plant spirit reading in relation to Annie’s work. We hope that this podcast will help you find an entry point to your own personal wellspring, and continue to tend to it.

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Visit Annie’s website: https://www.joyalchemyhealing.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/acupunctureannie/
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email: joyalchemyacupuncture@gmail.com
Invasive Plant Medicine by Timothy Lee Scott

Connect with the Plants:

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