Holding Space to Heal: A Conversation with Holly Ramey

Inspired by a podcast conversation between Holly Ramey and Heather Sanderson, this short book explores what it means to heal your own authenticity, why that’s valuable, and the need to hold space for yourself and others to heal.

Holly takes us on her personal journey of studying and practicing yoga, Reiki, and learning the Tarot. With these healing arts as a foundation, she talks about what it means to work with the shadow, the medicine that has come from her personal experiences of the “dark night of the soul,” creating ceremony, building community, and how all of these threads are incorporated in her offerings for others. Holly reminds us that there is always light and that we need to venture into those internal places we may not want to go.

Heather offers a plant spirit reading in relation to this work, and talks about why working with plants is a key part of our personal and planetary evolution. Worksheets to aid in creating your own vision, commitment, and calls to action are also included to make this book an immersive and interactive experience so that you can explore energy healing, and contribute to the conversation in your own way. Together, the future is possible!

Holly Ramey is a writer, mom, yoga teacher, tarot reader/energy worker, and space holder who believes in magic. She loves to cook, garden, work with herbs, cast spells, write poetry, watch crazy documentaries and explore the human psyche. You can find out more about her on her website, www.hollydramey.com, and follow her work on her substack, Long Strange Trip.

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“I really enjoyed reading this book. While I usually listen to podcasts, I found this one was so full of information and terms I hadn’t heard before that I was grateful that it was available in book form! The book starts with a list of key concepts which was so helpful to me, as it defines many terms that I’ve heard used before but I didn’t know what they meant (such as “holding space”, a term I’ve heard in yoga classes before). This book has lots of information on Tarot, which I knew so little about but now I know more, and it’s fascinating. Heather and Holly delve really deeply into some interesting topics, including what it means to find a safe “held space”. I highly recommend it!”—Jennifer E.

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