What Art Can Do: A Conversation with Janet Morgan

Inspired by a podcast conversation between Janet Morgan and Heather Sanderson, this short book explores what art is and what it can do both personally and collectively.

Janet talks about her creative process and shares the wisdom that making and teaching art has brought to her (and through her to others). In exploring the outrageous, the foolish, and the divine, Janet shares how some of her best work started with a failure, rejection, and/or making a mess and what that means (in art and in life). She then shares a vision of the healing and inclusive power of art, especially in relation to building community.

Heather offers a plant spirit reading in relation to this work, and talks about why working with plants is a key part of our planetary evolution. Worksheets to aid in creating your own deity, commitments to your art, and other calls to action are included to make this book an immersive and interactive experience, so that you can contribute to the conversation in your own way. Together, the future is possible!

This book will include 1-4 black and white illustrations by Janet Morgan. A fully illustrated version will follow soon!

eBook available for Amazon Kindle (device, app or laptop):


This book will be available on June 21, 2023. You can pre-order the eBook today! (Paperback and fully illustrated versions of the book are unavailable for pre-order, but you can sign up for our newsletter to be notified when they are live).

Janet Morgan has had a long and varied art career, involving painting, public
art, dance, environmental work, curatin and children’s books. Among her
figurative painting series are: Body Temples, Deities (150) wild women,
musicians and dancers (Middle Eastern and modern).

During her travels she has painted landscapes from Antarctica to Kyrgyzstan,
Turkey to British Columbia. She has been artist-in-residence Death Valley
National Park, Weir Farm National Historic Site, the Babayan Cultural Center in
Cappadocia, Hanksville Elementary School in Utah, and the Luminous Bodies
Residency at Artscape Gibraltar Point in Toronto. She was a teaching AIR at
the Omega Institute for 14 years, and has taught at the Rubin Museum of Art,
the Art Students League of New York and the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors. For 18
years she was an Expressive Arts Therapist with adult cancer patients at Sloan
Ketttering. Her large paintings have been featured on stage at the Omega’s
Women and Power Conference in New York City, at Burning Man in Nevada
and at the Parliament of World Religions in Toronto, Canada.

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