Building the Future Now Through Reiki: A Conversation with Nathalie Biermanns

Inspired by a podcast conversation between Nathalie Biermanns and Heather Sanderson, this short book explores the energy healing modality of Reiki on a micro and macro level.

Nathalie takes us on her personal journey with Reiki, talks about what Reiki is, and offers real-life examples of how and why it works. She tells us about the work she’s been called to do with bringing Reiki to corporations, in particular, and her inspired vision for the future of our world. A future that is no longer senselessly destructive, but nourishing. From this foundation she shares how deeply Reiki can support the entire collective web of all beings and how we can build that future now, through Reiki.

Heather offers a plant spirit reading in relation to this work, and talks about why working with plants is a key part of our planetary evolution. Worksheets to aid in creating your own vision, commitment, and calls to action are also included to make this book an immersive and interactive experience so that you can explore energy healing, and contribute to the conversation in your own way. Together, the future is possible!

Nathalie Biermanns is a Reiki Master, actor, and founder of Hollywood Reiki Studio. She has practiced Reiki for over 18 years, offering sessions in person and virtually across the globe. Her program “Awaken & Breakthrough Your Unexpressed Self” is a mindful and playful journey on how to find your true voice, step into your power, and express yourself. This program includes Reiki, guided visualizations, working with plant consciousness, and other healing modalities depending on the group. For more about Nathalie or to sign up for a session or a program, visit and follow her on Instagram at @hollywoodreikimaster.

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Amazon Review: I got this book cause I’m just starting to learn about Reiki and it’s very easy to read. It explains Reiki very well. Heather Sanderson did an amazing job putting everything on paper. Nathalie was clear in explaining Reiki. If you want to know more about Reiki, I would highly recommend this book. —Dylan T.

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