Dreaming with Holly: Co-creative Workshop

Curious about Holly? Do you want to start or deepen your relationship with this magical plant? Discover more about her association with the Winter Solstice and Christmas?

Join Heather Sanderson and learn more about how to dream with Holly in this Winter Solstice workshop from your own home, via Zoom.

In this two-hour workshop (from 11 am-1 pm) on December 19th, we will:

  • Learn about Holly’s spirit, medicine, and folklore
  • Experience a guided meditation with Holly
  • Discover ways to connect with Holly’s energy and try them on your own
  • Create a piece of writing, a drawing, a dance, a song, or something else entirely with Holly
  • Option to share your discoveries and art with the group

Bring paper, pastels, markers, and/or pens, and be ready to move around too.

Group size is limited to 15 people to allow for time to share. Zoom link will be sent out an hour before the event, at the latest.

You can also purchase Dreaming with Holly on Amazon. Books are not required for the workshop.

Your investment: $40 via Venmo (email heather@journeythroughyoga.com to register and for Venmo details) or sign up at Eventbrite.

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