Dreaming with Holly

Dreaming with Holly takes you on a journey into the world of the plants.

Through introducing concepts of active imagination, shamanic practices, and how to connect and dream with Plant Spirits (and what that means), this short book provides insight, encouragement, and practical application for you to discover or strengthen your relationship with the plant world in general and Holly in particular.

Dreaming with Holly also shares some of the spiritual characteristics, healing properties, and folklore associated with Holly. You’ll even experience a guided dream or story to receive special wisdom from Holly just for you.

Holly is a plant that will help you connect with the ancestors, work on acceptance at every possible level, heal the illusion of separation, and will see you through the dark times of the year, life (and after). Discover more about these and her other healing abilities.

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I loved this short read, it’s a guided meditation/visualization + plant spirit exploration! I loved connected to the plants in this way, and had a magical experience connecting with Holly, my namesake plant 🙂 Highly recommend for anyone looking to connect with the magic of plants in a new way. —Holly Ramey

Amazon Review: This was an enjoyable read. Before picking up Sanderson’s books, I would briefly ponder the connection between human and plant spirits. Her writing provides insightful information on this connection to further anyone’s understanding about plants and their energy. I like how holly is also connected with folklore, e.g. fairy beings. I’m going to look at holly differently after reading this.

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