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Do you ever feel like you have no clue what to do? What might come? Which way to move next? How do you sit with uncertainty? 

When I started to write with Holly, like every plant I’ve co-created a book with, I had no clue what would come through. I didn’t know much about her. By spending time connecting with her energy I received information that blew my mind open to new ways of thinking. Especially with regards to her association to Christmas traditions in the West.

As I wrote what appeared made so much sense and at the same time felt like brand new learning. Concepts I had never considered before (or had been to afraid to venture into because what I found goes against so much engrained in our current society) appeared. What I learned about Holly’s magic (and share in Dreaming with Holly: A Plant Spirit Short Read) is what many have been persecuted for in the past (and still are in many places). A fear of that persecution resides in my cells. It’s a wound that I needed to heal so I could create fully. It’s been a process.

A process of creating something no matter what it was or how terrified I felt. Putting that creation (and myself) out there and seeing what happened. Building a bit of a foothold, support, trust. Then, repeating the cycle to fortify both my voice and quiet my fears.

That fear has held me back at times (and that’s okay). It has also been a teacher for me to witness, notice how I’m responding, and then try something anyway. It has been something to work with and befriend in order to minimize its power over me.

If I had never committed to writing Dreaming with Holly, I don’t know that I ever would have received these insights. If I hadn’t found a way to heal enough to step into my voice (and feel safe enough to do so) then these books wouldn’t exist. I only share this so that you can question what is it that wants to be expressed through you? What fears are holding you back? What tiptoe of a start can you commit to and see what happens? 

Perhaps Holly can aid in your process too. Holly is a plant that will help you connect with the ancestors, work on acceptance at every possible level, heal the illusion of separation, and will see you through the dark times of the year, life (and after). To find out more about her power, teachings, medicine, folklore, and a journey to meet the ancestors, you can read the Dreaming with Holly book available today.

Another new venture is also underfoot. After being a guest on Holly Ramey’s Tarot Talk, I felt a strong pull to launch a podcast focused on sharing wisdom, leadership and eldership. I have no clue what I’m doing or how it will turn out… and am willing to find out. Follow along wherever you listen to podcasts (first episode coming soon).

For more information, visit the book’s page.

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*The information shared in this post is not intended as medical advice or diagnosis. This post was originally published as a newsletter in October 2020, long before this site was even an idea.

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