Happy Solstice + Rebalancing + New Nature Sanctuary Book

Happy Solstice!  Here in the north, we’re honoring the longest night and in the south, the longest day–a peak or a valley (however you may look at it) of the ongoing cycles of seasons, time, connection, of which we are all a part. This can sometimes feel like coming to  the edge of an extremeContinue reading “Happy Solstice + Rebalancing + New Nature Sanctuary Book”

Embracing the Fool

Happy April Fools’ Day!  I’m laughing at myself because yesterday I was getting caught up in trying to write a short story for a class I’m taking and all I could see was the same. The same patterns of how I write, the same story I always tell emerging yet again through different characters. TheContinue reading “Embracing the Fool”

Reading from Sister,: A Collection of Poems

The top Majestic Wisdom book of 2021 was…….. Sister,! I’m so excited by this as it has been a long-held dream of mine to publish a poetry collection; a dream I gave up on for at least twenty years before healing and reclaiming the creative parts of myself that want to be shared with theContinue reading “Reading from Sister,: A Collection of Poems”

Dreaming with Spruce: Practical Medicine Making for Winter

Many people may have the medicine they need in their living room (or some other festive place) right now… In this video I walk you through making a strengthening and lung-toning tea with Spruce! Spruce is antiviral, antimicrobial, antibacterial, and an excellent lung support and expectorant. So, before you toss out your Christmas tree, gatherContinue reading “Dreaming with Spruce: Practical Medicine Making for Winter”

Remember Your Magic: Witchy Books for Hallowe’en + Samhain

All of my books have a “witchy” vibe… The very act of writing with the plants and immersing with their spirit and healing ways is a significant way to heal the wound of the witch—the extracting, killing, and extinguishing of those who practiced medicine and magic, those who knew the “wise ways” along with theContinue reading “Remember Your Magic: Witchy Books for Hallowe’en + Samhain”