Resetting with + Investing in Love

The first night puppy sitting this gorgeous being in the photo above, she watched me get on my mat to do yoga. After supervising from the couch, she made her way over and sat with her back to me. Then, without provocation, she threw her head up, stretching her throat and held the pose forContinue reading “Resetting with + Investing in Love”

Remember Your Magic + Celebrate It!

Happy Samhain and Hallowe’en! I started writing a post to go with these photos and then stopped, realizing all I really wanted to do was share the photos and trust that everything I can feel and sense in them is communicated somehow. However it needs to be received. May you remember and celebrate your magic,Continue reading “Remember Your Magic + Celebrate It!”

Happy First Birthday, Majestic Wisdom Podcast!

Majestic Wisdom Podcast came from the heart. It started out as a sensation that I can still feel, when I bring the memory of its inception to mind: a glow that brushed up against the cells of my heart, filled with creative energy. It came from within. It also came from beyond. I felt aContinue reading “Happy First Birthday, Majestic Wisdom Podcast!”