The Outrageous, the Foolish, + the Divine

Happy 2/22/22 to my American friends, and 22/2/22 to everyone else! To celebrate, the 22nd episode of Majestic Wisdom Podcast is live today and it couldn’t be a more perfect fit for a day of twos and tutus and whatever other fun or magical things you have appear today! In it, Janet Morgan and I talk about the outrageous, theContinue reading “The Outrageous, the Foolish, + the Divine”

Stacking Books: The Unknown She

The Unknown She she never told me about the oceanthe oak king, the holly kingthe unicorn flappers and philosophersthe songlines, the maker of swans the forty rules of love dance of the ancient one,warrior of the light come of ageyou were born for this Erik Schurink showed me how to create poems by stacking booksContinue reading “Stacking Books: The Unknown She”