Top 25 Majestic Wisdom Books of All Time

To honor the approach of the summer solstice and a heightened time of solar energy, outward expression, and bursting plant life, here are the all-time top 25 Majestic Wisdom books for you to choose from! The 25 Majestic Wisdom books of all time are: Thank you for reading and dreaming with the plants and theContinue reading “Top 25 Majestic Wisdom Books of All Time”

Dreaming with Rhubarb + The Return of the Light

Last night I noticed that the sunlight lingered slightly longer. Here in the wintery north it has been grey, snowy, or rainy across many lands. We hear and talk a lot about this time being one of hibernation, staying inward, dreaming, resting and those are all valuable parts of life. They can also lead toContinue reading “Dreaming with Rhubarb + The Return of the Light”

Top 22 Majestic Wisdom Books of 2022

Do you ever forget that everything that you do first started out with not really knowing how? I do! Facebook kindly reminded me on December 30th that it was one year ago to the day when I started writing a new kind of book. At that time, I had no idea how the book, EnvisioningContinue reading “Top 22 Majestic Wisdom Books of 2022”

Happy Solstice + Rebalancing + New Nature Sanctuary Book

Happy Solstice!  Here in the north, we’re honoring the longest night and in the south, the longest day–a peak or a valley (however you may look at it) of the ongoing cycles of seasons, time, connection, of which we are all a part. This can sometimes feel like coming to  the edge of an extremeContinue reading “Happy Solstice + Rebalancing + New Nature Sanctuary Book”