Translating The Multiple Languages Of Life

Communication is complex and we are all constantly translating. We know it’s not as simple as saying something and having it be heard, as intended. That rarely ever happens fully. Communication (both sharing and receiving) is dynamic and has embedded within it every psychological desire, every emotional behaviour, every energetic gesture (or what we haveContinue reading “Translating The Multiple Languages Of Life”

Embracing the Fool

Happy April Fools’ Day!  I’m laughing at myself because yesterday I was getting caught up in trying to write a short story for a class I’m taking and all I could see was the same. The same patterns of how I write, the same story I always tell emerging yet again through different characters. TheContinue reading “Embracing the Fool”

New Book Launch of Envisioning New Ecosystems: A Conversation with Stewart Hoyt

Happy Spring Equinox! Are you feeling any shifts as we move into the rebirth of spring here in the North?  It feels like a perfect time to launch a new idea—taking a podcast conversation with Stewart Hoyt and turning it into a book! Please join me in welcoming Envisioning New Ecosystems: A Conversation with Stewart Hoyt intoContinue reading “New Book Launch of Envisioning New Ecosystems: A Conversation with Stewart Hoyt”

Reading from Sister,: A Collection of Poems

The top Majestic Wisdom book of 2021 was…….. Sister,! I’m so excited by this as it has been a long-held dream of mine to publish a poetry collection; a dream I gave up on for at least twenty years before healing and reclaiming the creative parts of myself that want to be shared with theContinue reading “Reading from Sister,: A Collection of Poems”

Resetting with + Investing in Love

The first night puppy sitting this gorgeous being in the photo above, she watched me get on my mat to do yoga. After supervising from the couch, she made her way over and sat with her back to me. Then, without provocation, she threw her head up, stretching her throat and held the pose forContinue reading “Resetting with + Investing in Love”

Remember Your Magic + Celebrate It!

Happy Samhain and Hallowe’en! I started writing a post to go with these photos and then stopped, realizing all I really wanted to do was share the photos and trust that everything I can feel and sense in them is communicated somehow. However it needs to be received. May you remember and celebrate your magic,Continue reading “Remember Your Magic + Celebrate It!”

Standing at the Horizon, Dreaming with Elder

I didn’t plan it this way. I never do, really. Yet, here I am releasing what is, at least for now, the final Plant Spirit book: Dreaming with Elder. The writing and releasing a short book of some sort each month started to become part of my awareness two years ago. It took a few monthsContinue reading “Standing at the Horizon, Dreaming with Elder”

Dreaming with Willow: Tree of Enchantment, Witchiness, and Watery Growth

Dreaming with Willow launches today and what a ride it has been to write with her! Willow is deeply connected to the element of water, the moon, magic, and witches, and a month of being immersed in her energy (through two hurricanes, a potent full moon and now, today’s new moon) brought a lot of emotionsContinue reading “Dreaming with Willow: Tree of Enchantment, Witchiness, and Watery Growth”

Top 10 Majestic Wisdom Books (of All Time)

My heart glows every time someone buys one of my books. It feels like joy and connection and gratitude all mixed together. I’m also curious about which books call to people and when, so I thought I’d share the top 10 books of all time (so far!) from when Majestic Wisdom Publishing started back inContinue reading “Top 10 Majestic Wisdom Books (of All Time)”

Stacking Books: The Unknown She

The Unknown She she never told me about the oceanthe oak king, the holly kingthe unicorn flappers and philosophersthe songlines, the maker of swans the forty rules of love dance of the ancient one,warrior of the light come of ageyou were born for this Erik Schurink showed me how to create poems by stacking booksContinue reading “Stacking Books: The Unknown She”