Top 25 Majestic Wisdom Books of All Time

To honor the approach of the summer solstice and a heightened time of solar energy, outward expression, and bursting plant life, here are the all-time top 25 Majestic Wisdom books for you to choose from! The 25 Majestic Wisdom books of all time are: Thank you for reading and dreaming with the plants and theContinue reading “Top 25 Majestic Wisdom Books of All Time”

Raspberry and Bear by Carrie Anderson

Wild Raspberry blooms here, in the spring. A delicate white flower protected by the fuzzy embrace of prickly thorns. A halo of red for Raspberry. By summer, the berries beckon with a sweet earthy scent and a deep merlot color. In the ripeness of the berries one can taste the woods. There‚Äôs a distant memory,Continue reading “Raspberry and Bear by Carrie Anderson”

Dreaming with Rhubarb + The Return of the Light

Last night I noticed that the sunlight lingered slightly longer. Here in the wintery north it has been grey, snowy, or rainy across many lands. We hear and talk a lot about this time being one of hibernation, staying inward, dreaming, resting and those are all valuable parts of life. They can also lead toContinue reading “Dreaming with Rhubarb + The Return of the Light”

Top 22 Majestic Wisdom Books of 2022

Do you ever forget that everything that you do first started out with not really knowing how? I do! Facebook kindly reminded me on December 30th that it was one year ago to the day when I started writing a new kind of book. At that time, I had no idea how the book, EnvisioningContinue reading “Top 22 Majestic Wisdom Books of 2022”