The Outrageous, the Foolish, + the Divine

Photo of Janet Morgan by Gregory Frux

Happy 2/22/22 to my American friends, and 22/2/22 to everyone else!

To celebrate, the 22nd episode of Majestic Wisdom Podcast is live today and it couldn’t be a more perfect fit for a day of twos and tutus and whatever other fun or magical things you have appear today! In it, Janet Morgan and I talk about the outrageous, the foolish, the divine and she shares her insights on art as community.

Janet also talks about how some of her best work started out with a failure, rejection, and/or making a mess. As someone who shut down my creativity for years–at least the pure flow of creative expression–I understand now that it was out of fear and conditioning around these very things. Somehow, I convinced myself that what I had to write or say wasn’t good enough. I might try something once, send it off, get rejected, and then give up. I left my creative work to languish and I languished too. Significantly.

What I didn’t realize in my early twenties, when I thought mt fate was sealed, is that creativity and working in an artistic way is a process—and one that is limitless! I started writing about this back in February 2015, when it suddenly occurred to me that all of life is creation. That we are all works of art in process, all the time.

Now I’m starting to see that what I really did was give up on myself. It’s been through the past decade of delving deeply into the healing arts that my creativity has come back and now it’s unstoppable! No, seriously. I have a constant flow of ideas and collaborations and they are engaging and fun. I had no idea living could feel like this. I used to think creativity was like a tap that was turned off and on, and I always expected it to run out or dry up. In listening to Janet, and seeing her as a creative force, it makes sense now that creativity is limitless. It’s the limits we put on ourselves that get in the way.

So, on this fun day, see if you can be a bit foolish. Make a mess. Create a new deity! Or sit down in front of a blank page, put pen to paper without a plan–what happens? (It’s okay if it’s scary or brings up emotion… I share about the first time I reconnected with this powerful energy here). 

*This post was originally published as a newsletter in February, 2022.

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