Happy First Birthday, Majestic Wisdom Podcast!

Majestic Wisdom Podcast came from the heart. It started out as a sensation that I can still feel, when I bring the memory of its inception to mind: a glow that brushed up against the cells of my heart, filled with creative energy. It came from within.

It also came from beyond. I felt a nudge from some other, unknown place.

Feeling into the glow and acknowledging the nudges, both inside and out, thoughts repeated about friends I knew who are doing different things, living in their medicine and magic in so many different ways. People I had learned so much from–what if others could hear from them too?

To be honest, I hadn’t listened to many podcasts. I had been a guest on my friend, Holly Ramey’s. Otherwise, I didn’t know a thing about creating one.

The internal and external nudges grew into pushes. Stronger, and stronger until, without knowing what or how to do this thing, it needed to be birthed. I leapt in.

This process started on the Fall Equinox of 2020. I put some feelers out. About a month later, Stewart Hoyt and I co-created the first episode, Envisioning New Ecosystems. This helped set the energetic imprint of the podcast; something to draw upon and lean into.

Each episode came from the heart space too. Co-created in a connection of support and beauty. What came forth from each guest was unique, so beautiful, and deeply meaningful that I was often left awestruck. Humbled to be able to witness, hold space for, and listen to another as they so generously shared their heart with me and with anyone else out in the world who listened too. Those who needed to hear, feel, or experience what was said, whomever they may be.

Even as I write this, I feel that awe. The inspiration of listening to another share their heart and journey. Their inspiration and healing. Their hardship and joy. Gratitude.

We each have wisdom to share. While the vision of this podcast has always been to help shine a light on others, it has also been in service of inspiring anyone who happens to listen. With the hope that we each find our own magic and trust in the wisdom that comes through us, pours out of us, is cultivated in so many ways. To share that wisdom and source with others.

On the first birthday of Majestic Wisdom Podcast, I want to thank every guest, every listener, every person who has connected in some way to the creation of this new being. If you missed an episode, or want to start listening now, all of the episodes are available through the podcast’s page. I’ve even added one episode in honor of today, that I co-created with the plants called Plant Consciousness + Developing Your Intuition. You can check it out here.

Happy birthday! With love and magic.

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