Remember Your Magic: Witchy Books for Hallowe’en + Samhain

All of my books have a “witchy” vibe…

The very act of writing with the plants and immersing with their spirit and healing ways is a significant way to heal the wound of the witch—the extracting, killing, and extinguishing of those who practiced medicine and magic, those who knew the “wise ways” along with the ecoside—of our plant allies. These movements are, most certainly, linked.

If you want to connect more to the energy of this time of year, or heal some of your witchiness—your intuitive knowing and any split or separation you feel from the “other worlds” (including that of the plants) maybe poetry or a plant book calls to you?

Some Majestic Wisdom books with particularly witchy associations are… Dreaming with Willow, Heather, Elder, Mugwort, Holly, Apple, Oak and, definitely, Sister,.

Happy Samhain/Hallowe’en week! Don’t forget to remember your magic 😉

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