Sister, is a collection of poems that focus on reclaiming the sacred feminine and healing invisible wounds. By exploring the inherent connections between the land, nature, and all women, Sister, evokes an inter-dimensional sense of what we need to heal individually and collectively.

The poems in Sister, weave together a story of balance and imbalance, hope and hopelessness, life and death, ancient and modern, taking you on a healing journey that invites you to remember who you are.

Hear/watch Heather read a poem from Sister,.

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Amazon Review: Love Sister a collection of poems!! As i read them i notice i slow down, away from my rushing to read this poem n then the next n the next. Instead i read slower, feeling the moment. Sanderson’s one line centers me: Remember the slow pace of being. Yes!! -pat

Watch a video created by Nancy Paton, featuring Sister, (and the plant spirit books)!

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