Building a Future From the Heart, New Podcast + Launch of Sister, Poetry Book

I’m sitting here today, feeling expansion in my heart, and thinking of the offerings that come through that heart-space. I imagine if you took a moment to scan through your day, you might find some way your heart spoke, or listened, gave or received. How did that moment feel in your heart?

I’m feeling this expansion in thinking of my own heart offerings and those of so many others I know. After creating a new podcast episode with Nathalie Biermanns where she shares a vision of the future that is so moving, I still don’t have the words to describe it, I’ve come to realize the crucial power that comes when we speak and act from the heart and from a place of fierce, unconditional, love. My heart became activated after hearing her heart’s longing and how she is taking action now by offering Reiki to corporations and individuals, to help make a shift. I hope you can give it a listen

This weekend I also launched a work of heart in a collection of poetry called Sister,.

Sister, has been a work in progress for nearly three years. One day, while walking down the street in Brooklyn, my crown opened and poetry started flowing through me. It felt like catching fragments of sentences and words dropping down from the sky, asking to be gathered together. In bits at first, and then more fully.

Sister, focuses on reclaiming the sacred feminine and healing invisible wounds. By exploring the inherent connections between the land, nature, and all women, Sister, evokes an inter-dimensional sense of what we need to heal individually and collectively. This vision is what my heart is passionate about bringing through in all of my work.

The poems in Sister, weave together a story of balance and imbalance, hope and hopelessness, life and death, ancient and modern, taking you on a healing journey that invites you to remember who you are.

If you’d like to read this heart-offering, it’s now available as a paperback, worldwide.Here’s the thing I keep learning about offering from the heart. As we do, it’s felt. As we do, it encourages others to offer from their hearts and we become equipped with the ability to sense or see when they are. When our hearts are attuned to recognize this, we support those other hearts. There is more understanding, connection, and love that ripples out beyond measure. To me, this is healing, and is big a part of how we support one another into the future each and every day.

For more information, visit the book’s page.

Buy now as a paperback via Amazon:

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