Dreaming with Willow

Dreaming with Willow takes you on a journey into the world of the trees and plants.

Through introducing concepts of active imagination, shamanic practices, and how to connect and dream with Plant and Tree Spirits (and what that means), this short book provides insight, encouragement, and practical application for you to discover or strengthen your relationship with the plant and tree world in general and Willow in particular.

Dreaming with Willow also shares some of the spiritual characteristics, healing properties, and folklore associated with Willow. You’ll even experience a guided dream or story to receive special wisdom from Willow just for you.

Willow’s spirit and nature is immersed in the water element, pain relief, creativity, dreams, and bending illusion. Discover more about these and her other healing abilities.

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“Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time walking amongst trees because I feel better when I’m there. But what I don’t do is spend a lot of time thinking about the trees themselves. I never understood that they were conscious beings, and this is one of many things I learned while reading Heather Sanderson’s book. I also learned that’s is possible to heal from trees, whether that be emotionally, spiritually or physically; and to dream with them, which is taking information from them, but also giving as well. This book specifically introduces you to Willow and all that she has to offer — spiritually and even medicinally! There is so much I didn’t know about these trees that I see all of the time. I really enjoyed learning about Willow and you will too!”—Jennifer E.

“Huge fan of Heather Sanderson’s work. So grounded, so beautiful and pure! I am a reiki master (she attuned me to my mastership) and I run self-exploring and transformational programs. I am honored to have her opening the programs with a beautiful plant channeling session for my groups, they get to take their plant on their transformational journey as their guide. They love it! Our last group had Willow as their guide. The book has so much great information: what tree consciousness is, what is tree spirit, how to merge with tree spirit, how to dream with Willow, what is the spirit of Willow, The folklore of Willow and an overview of Willow medicine. This book is mind blowing and Willow was the perfect guide for the group, and I am sure for you as well, since you’re reading this 🙂

Everyone bought the book, including me and I have it next to my bed, love reading it before I go to sleep…..to dream with Willow.” —Nathalie Biermanns

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