Dreaming with Willow: Tree of Enchantment, Witchiness, and Watery Growth

Dreaming with Willow launches today and what a ride it has been to write with her! Willow is deeply connected to the element of water, the moon, magic, and witches, and a month of being immersed in her energy (through two hurricanes, a potent full moon and now, today’s new moon) brought a lot of emotions and past memories to the surface.

Medicinally, Willow is best known as a pain-reliever and, through the surfacing this month, she showed me that not only is she an aid in relieving pain of the physical body, but also a strong ally for working with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Willow also brings form to the formless, and is a powerful magical being, bending and blending, ebbing and flowing, dissolving and clearing away that which does not serve you. To work with Willow is to work between worlds–the physical and “invisible,” the conscious and subconscious, the every-day magical (and more!).

Specifically, over this time of working with Willow, I had an old story surface. A belief that, “nobody wants what I have to offer.” If you look at that belief, it is designed to keep me safe, out of a fear of persecution. The witch wound, you might call it. This belief, now, is accompanied by pain. To me, that is a sign that it no longer is serving me, but limiting me.

I realized, it’s only fear. Fear, in how I’ve been taught, transforms in to beauty. So, “all” I needed to do was transform it. 

As the month-long cycle of writing with Willow waned, and after sorting through the stirred-up cauldron of all the swell of emotions she brought up, a new affirmation landed in my consciousness:

I am confident in what I have to offer.

This reframe also shifted where I have been placing power. In keeping myself small, I was putting my power in the hands of others. Now, I can see that the offering is what matters. Even if no one sees it, comes, acknowledges it or (what I’ve always imagined as worse) attacks it/me for it. Now, I have a new, engrained trust in myself, in spirit, and in blending together my creative energies with those of the natural world to make something new.

The power is no longer disbursed or taking me for a ride, but is within me and my connection to other, non-human, sources.

Over the course of the month, this evolving shift in my consciousness, also resulted in FOUR new upcoming event offerings. If you’re in Brooklyn, Oak and I are hosting a workshop on September 19th, I’m creating a poetry series with Open Streets on Vanderbilt on September 26th, and participating in Artmageddon on October 3rd in Ditmas Park. This also means putting my work and my books out there more! (You can watch a video of me opening a big box of books on my Instagram feed–so fun!). 

I share this story because I hope it inspires you to also examine your own stories, especially those that may be holding you back out of fear, giving away your power, or limiting you in a way that you have now outgrown. Pain is often a sign of required growth. Willow can help you with these shifts in yourself.

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*The information shared in this post is not intended as medical advice or diagnosis. This post was originally published as a newsletter in September 2021.

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