Standing at the Horizon, Dreaming with Elder

I didn’t plan it this way. I never do, really. Yet, here I am releasing what is, at least for now, the final Plant Spirit book: Dreaming with Elder.

The writing and releasing a short book of some sort each month started to become part of my awareness two years ago. It took a few months from the originating idea, and testing out a few reiki and yoga-related books before the plants started to come in. What I mean by that is they appeared in my awareness, usually as an image, words, or feeling. As if each one tapped on my shoulder and third eye simultaneously, and asked that I write with them. Co-create. Dandelion was the first, and I’ve shared about that beginning before–you can read it here if you’d like

Here we are now, at the end. Twenty-one Plant and Tree Spirit Short Reads, one collection of poetry, two yoga/meditation, and one reiki book later, this work is complete. This cycle, complete. 

I’m not sure exactly where the energy came from, and that’s okay. Writing these was never a part of my plan. Not even a thought. It was all born out of an intuitive knowing that this was what I needed to do. An intuition that I’ve spent years now healing, trusting, allowing it to guide me. So, I know now too, when to listen to the yeses and the no’s. The starts and the stops. The do it, it’s a yes, even though I have no clue yet what will form next.

Even when my intellect might disagree. My intuition has never lead me astray, especially the stronger it has become. My intellect, however, has constantly convinced me to not trust, follow something that doesn’t feel right for a variety of reasons, or talk me out of a yes and or into a no that isn’t right for me. It’s okay. The incongruence is normal. Typical even. 

When they are congruent and working together though, that’s when I can feel the sensations of knowing.

As soon as I committed to writing with DandelionMugwort was there to say, “me next,” and then the others lined up. Sometimes so quickly that I had to tell them I couldn’t work as fast as they were coming, but with some patience and persistence, we got here.

When Elder arrived, asking for her book at the end of March 2021, I didn’t know she would be the last. I set up her book for the next available slot in October, and carried on writing the others ahead of her.

No other plants came. 

I honestly didn’t know at the time, but in writing with Elder, I learned that she is the plant of resolutions. She governs over the 13th lunar month of the Celtic tree calendar. The final month of the year. I laughed at learning this, because, of course she came to be the last one.

Among many things, Elder helps you to know when it is time to move on and hers is the energy of closing a door, and not looking back. This applies to practical everyday life situations, growth and development into leadership, and also when it comes to forgiveness. Hers is the medicine of unconditional love and support. To help you learn to trust in yourself, in the moment, and in whatever lays ahead.

You can get her eBook or paperback now!

Personally, for me, I find this new precipice exciting! It’s like looking out at the horizon line, or standing right there within it, stepping out of one cycle and into the next, whatever it may be or bring. I like not knowing what it is yet. I can feel it instead, the openness–the energy of something taking shape and form, and we have yet to meet. It makes me smile even to write that here now.

The time I’ve spent in deep immersion, writing with these particular plants has been so rich, diverse, and I have learned so much–about them and myself. I’ve tried to share along the way what might be relevant, of use, or of service to you as well. The plants and their books are always there for you.

This two-year cycle has also given me the extraordinary opportunity to work with Deanna McFadden, an exceptional editor and friend who understood the work and helped make each book sparkle with her magic. I could not have done this without her. She is also starting to take on new clients for editorial work and, if you need her services, you can find her through

So here we are. At the end, and the beginning. 

I am here to celebrate and honor this place! This moment of completion. Without grasping for what is next. To sit with you in it too, as you take a moment to see the cycles you are currently in; what is closing, opening? Acknowledge where you have come from, where you are now, and what is yet to come.

For more information, visit the book’s page.

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*The information shared in this post is not intended as medical advice or diagnosis. This post was originally published as a newsletter in October 2021.

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