Dreaming with Redwood Launch

I’m not sure where to start.

We had a tornado move through in a flash on Sunday. In a matter of minutes many of my dear tree friends were snapped in half. At least fifty of them just on the land where we live. Yes, all the people are safe. The structures we’ve built are safe. For this I’m grateful.

The trees here are my family too. Kin. We have been connected since I was small and, like many things, I lost or forgot about this connection for some time. Then returned. 

Since remembering, and now knowing more about how to work with tree spirits not just for myself but for the collective, this tornado has brought an interesting process of personal grief, gratitude, and some knowing that the energy cultivated here – the energy that was so very strong – had to be released. It was needed elsewhere.

Until I started to write these plant and tree spirit short reads this year, I kept my work with them quiet. I kept hidden in many ways. Mainly out of fear.

While in that time of separation, I treated myself horribly.

In the past couple of days, speaking very openly on Facebook and Instagram about what was happening here physically, energetically, and spirituality, in the aftermath of the tornado I realized that all those fears and former ways that I held fierce self-criticism and doubt are gone. They’re just gone.

I have no time or energy to put into them any more. I have no use for those ways of thinking any more and will no longer tolerate that treatment of myself. Maybe the wind helped carry the last parts of those long-held patterns away too.

Of course, I want that same safety and self-acceptance now that I have experienced the long journey of finding it, to be shared by everyone! Not that it has to be to work with trees or plants, but to have the ability to find your own voice and path. Where it is that you want to place your energy.

Just before this shift on the land, I launched brand new Reiki trainings! You can now study at all levels of Reiki with me via Zoom. These private trainings also bring focus to what it is you want to explore in your own healing path more deeply. Take a look and see if this calls to you.

Also, Dreaming with Redwood: A Tree Spirit Short Read is now live! Redwood is a great teacher in holding steady over the long run. An incredible communicator, Redwood works between worlds to help facilitate the flow of information between Earth and the Cosmos and can help you with your own communication too. A tree of rich medicine to share, Redwood also wants you to find your balanced fire so that you have the energy to bring your gifts into the world. Spend some time with Redwood and see what her folklore, medicine, and spirit bring to you (and what you can give to her in return).

The more I sit with Redwood, with the changes of the trees and energy here on the land, with the story that both tell about climate change and the belief that nature is somehow separate or inferior to humans, the more and more imperative it feels to heal this split and restore the balance of power between the plant, animal and human worlds. To remember that they are not separate. 

Maybe… my return from that illusion of separation is now complete. Trying to keep the spiritual world apart… trying to deny the ways I experience the world… and to remain in an outmoded belief that I am separate from nature was killing me. Perhaps it is what is killing us all. Redwood’s folklore helps illuminate this process as well.

If you’re not sure where to start on your path, reach out. Let’s talk. I’m never sure either. I just know that you can and that once you take that first step more will appear.

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*The information shared in this post is not intended as medical advice or diagnosis. This post was originally published as a newsletter in November 2020, long before this site was even an idea.

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