Dreaming with Oak Launch

I threw myself an internal party last week when I delivered Dreaming with Oak’s eBook file.

This is the twelfth book I’ve written and published in 2020! A whole year of getting to work with my dear friend and editor, Deanna McFadden. A whole year of exploration deeper into the plant world and into myself. Many walls have come down and through that breaking, a flourishing of creativity, voice, expression has been ushered through.

As I partied with myself, gratitude flooded my heart, and I realized this celebration was also a recognition of growth and commitment to creativity. It was a celebration of a whole turning of a wheel of life that, amongst many other things, was filled with birth. I feel like a midwife and a mother, a lover and a humble recipient.

It makes me wonder… if you were to sit for a moment with yourself right now what would you honor and celebrate? What happens when you throw yourself your own internal party? Even if no one is looking… how does it feel to recognize and honor you? 

Oak’s book feels like the perfect one to close out this year of writing. I had no idea what I signed up for and, as I started to work with her, I realized just how much she has to share. This short read is much longer than the others because Oak holds and carries so much across many lands, people and time. A great ally for strength, standing in your power, and nurturing entire communities, Oak is a royal being and her spirit, medicine, and folklore is deep and rich. Oak is also a tree that works between worlds and is a doorway to other levels of consciousness. To try to sum up Oak here is impossible because she is so prolific. If you feel called to her, I hope you’ll read her Tree Spirit Short Read and start or deepen your relationship with this mighty being.

Shakti Smith and I created a new podcast episode last week that centers around connection with nature through our physical bodies. Shakti shares the stages of human development in relation to this connection (and reconnection with ourselves) in ways that I had never considered before. We talk about what it means to develop full body intelligence and how that, in turn, starts to create shifts in communities and, ultimately in the collective for humans, animals and plants. If you’d like to listen to our chat, you can do so here.

I do hope that these offerings help you on your path, wherever you may be. That if you are in the darkness, personally at the moment and don’t feel like celebrating, you reach for and allow even a tiny bit of light. 

For more information, visit the book’s page.

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*The information shared in this post is not intended as medical advice or diagnosis. This post was originally published as a newsletter in December 2020, long before this site was even an idea.

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