Dreaming with Spruce Launch

I’m delighted on this first new moon of 2021 to bring Dreaming with Spruce: A Tree Spirit Short Read into the world. Spruce’s spirit and nature is that of protection, working with magic (your own and that of Elemental Beings) and she is also a helpful lung support. Revered across the Northern hemisphere (where she grows prolifically) for her associations with birth and death, Spruce is the veil between worlds. Find out how working with her will help you sense into these worlds (and what that means), explore your own inner magic, and how to work within the world(s) around you.

Trillium also asked to be brought mentioned at this time and her audiobook and paperback both launch today as well! (eBook and audiobook also available). Her medicine is that of the energy of hope/hopelessness, forgiveness and compassion and works with the soul on its journey through life and beyond. She also helps us understand and balance human greed and uncovers your true nature. I feel, personally and collectively, that we could all benefit from her teachings at this moment of time. Maybe embodying hope and understanding despair, for ourselves and others, will help open up even more compassion. Let us continue to be what we want to see in the world and emanate it from our very cells.

Here on the land Trillium grows beneath the boughs of Spruce, so I do tend to see their work and energy interrelate. Part of a web of support for humans and non-humans alike.

With all that is unfolding in our human world at the moment it feels more and more like the plants are asking us to pay attention to the wisdom they have to offer and to remember that their world is not separate from ours. Whether it’s through reading these short books and trying out the ways of connecting within each one, or connecting on your own with a plant or tree, the more we can co-create together, the better.

In the most recent Majestic Wisdom Podcast, Kate Lewandowski shares how the breath is also the gateway between our inner and outer world. How when we co-create with the breath we also co-create with life and release that which is no longer serving us. She shares insight and examples of what we carry on our breath and how it is a key to deep healing. A special plant guest also came through and her teachings surprised me in this one! For more information and to listen you can click here.  

What plants are you drawn to working with right now? What energies and emotions are coming through you? Have you taken a few moments to check in with your breath?

Take a few moments now to check in. Feel what is present. See what you need. Just for today, what will serve you the most?

For more information, visit the book’s page.

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*The information shared in this post is not intended as medical advice or diagnosis. This post was originally published as a newsletter in January 2021, long before this site was even an idea.

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