Movement, Meditation, and Music for Grief

October 30th, 2022, 2-4 pm
Upsoul Center
141 West 28th Street, Suite 301
Photo of full moon on a dark sky with orange leaves on the left side by Annie McDonnell

Your grief is worthy of attention and care.
Grief longs to be witnessed, acknowledged, honored…
What is your grief trying to tell you?

Sadness. Anxiety. Anger. Guilt. The heavy emotions woven through grief can feel like stones on your chest, making it hard to think, sleep, even breathe. We’re not meant to carry these burdens alone.

Personally and collectively, so many losses have compounded over the past few years—lost loved ones, lost relationships, lost health, lost jobs, lost stability, lost opportunities…and lost community ceremonies to make grief less isolating. When we come together to honor the immense love at the heart of our sorrow, mourning can transform into a joyful embodiment of the preciousness of life.

In this workshop, we’ll share simple yet powerful practices to cultivate the resilience to reimagine and rebuild your world after a shattering loss, including:

  • Movement: gentle stretches to release emotional tension from the body and invite in more ease
  • Meditation: a guided journey to explore inner wisdom
  • Music: a sound bath to soothe the spirit and tune into synchronicities
  • And more: self-care practices and plant medicine to support your healing

No matter what your experience of grief is, or how fresh or ancient it feels, join Annie McDonnell and Heather Sanderson as they create a welcoming space to guide you into a deeper understanding of and more meaningful relationship with your grief.

Register here at Upsoul Center.
Space is limited.

Annie McDonnell is an acupuncturist and sound healing practitioner who blends her studies in trauma with Acupuncturists Without Borders, breathwork, Donna Eden energy medicine, Qigong, Western herbalism, and other holistic practices to nurture tender hearts and alchemize pain through the power of gentleness. She is currently training with David Kessler to become a Certified Grief Educator. An experienced traveler through the emotional wilderness of grief after several personal heartbreaks and losses, she is developing a self-paced digital course that will be available later this year to support people through trying times. She invites you to learn more at or @acupunctureannie on Instagram.

Through her own deep initiations of grief, Heather Sanderson was called to a healing path and has trained in yoga, reiki, multi-dimensional energy work, sacred plant medicine, polarity therapy, depth psychology, and more. In addition to specialized training in Death, Dying and Beyond with Carole Guyett, she has held hundreds of workshops, classes, circles, and gatherings to help people sit with, honor, and explore trauma, grief, and to reclaim and remember their magic. She has also written 25+ short healing arts books and hosts Majestic Wisdom Podcast. You can find out more about her at,, and on Instagram at @heather.sanderson.

Want to get to know Annie and Heather more? You can listen to their Majestic Wisdom podcast episode, “Tending the Wellspring.” More info here.

And watch an IG Live recorded video of them sharing thoughts on honoring grief of all kinds here. For more on different plant and tree spirit books that highlight how plants can help in the transformative process of grief, click here.

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