Honoring Grief of All Kinds

Photo compilation by Annie McDonnell

In dark times, we can help each other rekindle sparks of joy that illuminate a way through the fog of grief, sadness, anger, worry, fear…

If the world seems desolately gray after the heartbreaking loss of loved ones, relationships, jobs, health–whether rawly recent or achingly ancient–open to the possibility of some rays of hope shining through by gathering with a supportive community to learn simple yet powerful practices to help you feel lighter, including:

Movement: gentle stretches to release emotional tension from the body and invite in more ease

Meditation: a guided journey to explore inner wisdom

Music: a sound bath to soothe the spirit and tune into synchronicities

And more: self-care practices and plant medicine to support healing

Join Annie McDonnell and me on Thursday July 21, 2022 from 7-9 pm, at Upsoul Center in Manhattan for this sacred workshop and offering: Music, Meditation & Music for Grief.

Click here for more info and to register

Can’t attend (or found this post days, months, or years later) and want more connection and resources?

Annie and I recorded an Instagram Live where we touch on some of the aspects of grief and ways to honor and be with grief in community.

You can also listen to an episode of Majestic Wisdom podcast we co-created where Annie shares her entry point into the healing arts and sciences, and we walk down the garden path of her journey to Traditional Chinese Medicine with a focus on acupuncture and many other healing arts that she incorporates into her practice, culminating in a new offering called Wellspring.

In addition to her offerings, Annie shares deeply about the “witch wound,” past lives and reincarnation, the fears around opening her own business, and what it means to work with joy as a healing practice.

Heather also offers a plant spirit reading in relation to Annie’s work. We hope that this podcast will help you find an entry point to your own personal wellspring, and continue to tend to it.

There are many plant allies for grief, grieving, heart support, and connection with the journey of death (of any kind). Here are a few that I’ve written with and a brief message from each:

  • Dreaming with Violet (also known as heart’s ease–helps bring relief to the heart and allows grief of any kind to move through)
  • Dreaming with Hawthorn (heart support at all levels, medicinal, spiritual, and magical; gateway plant to the magical world)
  • Dreaming with Lavender (helps bring ease when working to release a loss of any kind)
  • Dreaming with Nettle (holds a protective mantel for the transition to death and acts as a gateway guardian between the physical and invisible worlds)
  • Dreaming with Holly (specifically helpful in the journey of death, and grieving loved ones/connecting with ancestors)
  • Dreaming with Elder (honoring the sacred ways of eldership, trusting yourself, your process and the overall process of life/death/love/loss)
  • Dreaming with Spruce (revered the world over as a sacred tree for funeral rites and to help cross over; playful and joyful to bring magic into life)
  • Dreaming with Willow (oh so much magic and witchy connections to death, dying and beyond!)

Each of these Plant/Tree Spirit Short Reads shares the spirit, medicine, and folklore of the plant (including the expanded details of the message above), many ways to connect with the plants and trees on your own, and a special guided journey for you to go on together to discover what you need in this moment. See which ones call to you!

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