Dreaming with Red Clover Launch

Red Clover surprised me.

She showed me gifts that, prior to sitting down to write Dreaming with Red Clover: A Plant Spirit Short Read with her, I didn’t know she had. I am so excited to share those with you and to hear what more you might discover as you build a relationship with this magical plant.

Along with other potent gifts, the nature of her medicine is to help you not judge based on assumption, to step into the fire without fear, and to be your abilities. In this work I discovered more about Red Clover’s connection over time to the Triple Goddess and the Holy Trinity and was reminded of just how delicious, nourishing, and potent she is especially when it comes to healing the womb. The journey that she took me on (which is shared in the book) will take you right back to your time there.

The timing of birthing this short read is interesting because we are on the last part of the build up to the Solstice on the 20th of June. The peak of fire. Here in the Northern Hemisphere this is the time of building upon all of the seeds and intentions that you planted since the Winter Solstice. Now is the time to work with the solar energy, the fire energy, to bring action to what you want to have manifest in your world. In our world.

Red Clover is also associated with the fire element. The more I have learned to work with my own fire and to keep it burning strong, the more I have stepped out of internal power struggles, dismantling and burning away that which does not serve. In doing this, the more scope I have to act and the less I prioritize the judgement (or projected fire) of others. The stronger and heart centered my own fire becomes the wider my range of action is starting to become. I didn’t recognize this in my healing path until Red Clover helped me and now I know I can work with her consciously to continue to transform, empower, and grow.

I hope that Dreaming with Red Clover also takes you on an unexpected journey of self-discovery where you will find ways to learn about plant consciousness, working in the dream, and build your own intuitive relationship together. 

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*The information shared in this post is not intended as medical advice or diagnosis. This post was originally published as a newsletter in June 2020, long before this site was even an idea.

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