Dreaming with Hawthorn Launch

It was never in my plan to write these short Plant Spirit books. They “simply” appeared one day.

Of course, the path to get here wasn’t simple at all. (I laughed as I wrote that, hearing the truth in that statement). The path required healing. It required being cracked open in ways I never imagined. Being taken apart and rebuilt over and over again. 

It required death and growth and excavation and practice and…





It required more than a village. A village formed of an ever-evolving human community and one from the “other worlds.” Including those of the plants and trees in their physical, energetic and spiritual form.

Writing with Hawthorn helped me remember my first steps into those worlds and the concept of plant allies or plant spirits. In Dreaming with Hawthorn: A Tree Spirit Short Read, I share those experiences and Hawthorn’s magic. Her ability to work deeply with the heart in every possible way and her history of persecution that may resonate with you in your life. Hawthorn is a tree of magic. She works between worlds and has a strong association with the fairy realm. Her magic can help open you up to new worlds too–both within and outside of yourself.

Dreaming with Hawthorn is also the first Tree Spirit eBook to come out of this healing path. She helped me communicate what that means–the invisible work that trees are doing on so many levels and how to share with you the difference between plant spirits and tree spirits.

The entire time writing I felt Hawthorn’s energy working in my heart space. Clearing more of what is not needed and strengthening my heart space so I can trust even more to follow where and how this primary sensory organ of the heart leads. Dreaming with Hawthorn also talks about what it means to heal the heart.

My path of healing is far from complete and I am so grateful to know more and more how to listen to my heart and trust in it. I’m even more grateful to be part of your village and to know you are part of mine. Thank you for showing up and for sharing your path.

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*The information shared in this post is not intended as medical advice or diagnosis. This post was originally published as a newsletter in July 2020, long before this site was even an idea.

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