A Birthday + Stepping into the Light

Dreaming with Dandelion turns one today!

Dreaming with Dandelion turns one today!

I didn’t know when I committed to writing a book a month last year what would happen (or what they would be about). Then, Dandelion appeared and showed me the way.

This is not the first time Dandelion has been an orchestrator in leading me to an unknown next step. It was a “Dandelion diet” that friends of mine came across at a conference which led me to travel to Italy to a spiritual community nestled in the foothills of the Alps called Damanhur. 

Even I felt like this whole proposed experience was a bit “out there” as I read about the plant initiation (fasting and ingesting only Dandelion for 3 days and spending time in many sacred places in and around the mountains with a large group of people whom I had never met).

I felt so called to go, that even as the logical, practical sides of me kept trying to write it off as not what I “should” be doing, there was a deeper pull that called me there.

That trip is where I met Carole Guyett who became my teacher in Sacred Plant Medicine. It couldn’t have been or felt more aligned or “right” even though it seemed (to my mind) irresponsible to fly back and forth to Ireland so frequently and to live off of a severance package (fortunately) for as long as I possibly could. 

My “sensible” self doesn’t like being irresponsible. It feels reckless. My self that actually listened to the senses beyond my mind knew I needed to do this. Without knowing why or having any desired outcome. No plan. No inkling of where it would lead.

A lot of the time, I was terrified. And I kept taking the steps.

It was no surprise that Dandelion stepped forward again to show me what I would be doing next: writing. Something I’ve always dreamed of doing. Dandelion persisted in how this would play out and helped me discover a framework to share what wanted to emerge or come through.

It’s now been a year of writing, dreaming, and co-creating with the plants (I share the process of how that works here) and I’m so grateful! 

All that time writing and putting them out, there has still been a part of me holding back. The information within the books is straightforward, magical, and deep and includes the medicine both physical and spiritual of the plant. They share how to connect with the plant world through a particular plant and also your own intuition and power. They share a way of being in the world that has been eliminated through force, torture, death even: the wound I see as the sacred feminine. The death of so many healers, witches, wise women and men and so much wisdom and knowledge.

I hold a wound of persecution and that fear held me back even as I moved forward and worked through it enough to get my voice out. Our voices out.

Now, perhaps with this birth or timing or more internal shifts and healing, I feel ready for more people to actually read these books! And, all of a sudden, want to share them beyond my supportive friends, family, and students.

There is a prompting internally to push, deliver, give more birth to the wisdom of the plants being shared.

I’ve started to practice being more “out” in the world. First with podcasts like Holly Ramey’s Tarot Talk and just recently The Hey Heather Podcast. Both times, I was so nervous and my mind felt blank, and all of the words that came out felt not right at all. Haha. And that’s okay. I want to keep learning, practicing, giving voice to and feeling grounded in what I’m communicating in the moment. Dandelion is a great ally for exactly that.

She teaches that the more grounded you are, the more expansive you can be.  

The more I put myself out there, the more out there I am able to be. All of a sudden I feel like to let myself be seen is the safest place to be.

I took a lovely dance/yoga class with Empress Ngala yesterday and she shone the light on each participant, meaning we each stepped forward to dance as others watched and cheered us on. Even though I was in the safety of my own room, held in a safe space by a gifted teacher, I felt the familiar freezing sensation appear in my heart of not wanting to be seen. Not wanting to be in the light. I panicked without reason or rationale, just the raw data of response. 

I immediately thought of my books and being afraid to be seen and how that is starting to shift. That if I want to participate in that shift, it means I want to be more comfortable in the light. What a great opportunity to practice.

I took a deep breath into the sensations, smiled, and moved even going right up to the camera. The sensations transformed into lightness and joy.

Please do join me in celebrating Dandelion! eBooks, paperbacks and audiobooks are all available, should you feel called to spend some time with this magical being. Who knows what she might help with or open up along your path.

Visit the book’s page for more information.

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