The Process of Writing with the Plants

People are often curious how my writing process works so I put together a short video to share.

I had no idea I’d be writing these books. I made a commitment to write a short book once a month back at the end of 2019 without knowing what they would be. (For more of that story, click here). Then the plants appeared. When I say appeared I mean I kept thinking about Dandelion and, every time I saw an image of her in my mind, I felt a nudge, and received an intuitive knowing that she wanted me to write with her.

So I listened.

Each one of the Plant and Tree Spirit books is a co-creation where I’m listening to and writing with the plant. Sharing information that the plant can’t write down for you.

These books are unique because in addition to providing the herbal remedies or medicine the plant or tree provides and her folklore, her spirit is present and shared. There are lots of ways to connect with that energy and, in each book, I help guide you through many options of how you can start or build a relationship with a tree or plant (plus, talk about why it’s important). This includes ways you can meet a plant or tree in person, merge with them, or connect in the dream (especially helpful if the plant or tree is far away or you are unable to go outside). These are a fun way to stretch your active imagination muscles, learn how to sense information, and to enter into creative ways of thinking and being.

To help you meet a plant or tree in a dream, each book offers a special quest or journey for you to go on. Think of it as experiencing a bedtime story with the plant where she reveals a secret message just for you.

When readers share that secret message with me, it fills my heart to know that you have connected on a deep (but accessible) level with the plant or tree. It’s a sacred union and one that I wish more and more of us explored!

Check out this growing collection of Plant and Tree Spirit books and see which one calls to you. You never know what you might discover…

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