Dreaming with Dandelion Launch

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the relationship between intuition and trust. Not as a concept but as sensations in my body. A while ago I shared about what I’ve “really” been offering in classes (and reinforcing for myself) – how to find your feet and feel into your own experience and truth. To move the body intuitively. One exploration at a time.

I’ve been somewhat quiet about my training and time spent apprenticing in Ireland for the last four years. It all started with a feeling. A knowing. 

I’ve been somewhat quiet because so much of the work we were doing is outside of the “norm.” Involving ways to work with plants and spirit in deep ways. Ways to work psychically and with psyche. A vast trove of ceremony and abilities that society taught me to shut down. To stay quiet out of fear. To cloud myself in doubt, shame, and denial so as to avoid persecution.

The deeper I ventured into the plant spirit world, the more opportunities I had to build trust. To embody what it felt like to trust in these ways of understanding and of seeing what others may or may not.

Learning to not write off my own experience or visions and instead to see what’s there. Without realizing it, I have built the capacity to feel into myself. To stay with myself and to trust myself. The more I feel safe in trusting myself, the more I can speak my truth without any fear. Without any clouds.

And now, to be able to let the plants speak through me too! It is with gratitude that I help birth Dreaming with Dandelion: A Plant Spirit Short Read into the world.

This short book shares some of my own experiences in working with Dandelion as well as her healing properties and magic.  It also focuses on showing others how they can start to tap into the dream, spirit, or consciousness of a plant (and what that means). How, when humans pay attention to the plants we start to move towards a shared vision of the world. 

Dreaming with Dandelion will show you ways to build your own intuition, connection, and trust. You’ll learn the steps of how to meet, merge and journey with a plant. As well as concepts of active imagination, shamanism, and navigating the dream (plus a dream-like story to help you discover a secret message just for you).

There’s a lot packed into a short read.

I hope Dreaming with Dandelion serves you well on your path of embodying your own truth and being a vital part of this ever-unfolding world.

For more information, visit the book’s page.

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*The information shared in this post is not intended as medical advice or diagnosis.This post was originally published as a newsletter in Feb 2020, long before this site was even an idea.

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