Diving into the Dream Space

Last night I had a crazy set of dreams complete with finding ancient looking white swords inscribed with blue symbols, missing connections on elevators and through phones, and some kind of a death through a vibrant orange power surge. 

Do you remember your dreams from the night?

I’ve been lucky enough lately to immerse myself in a lot of training in relation to the dream – our dream worlds. Through this I’ve started to understand that our dreams hold so much rich material not only for healing and awareness but also for creativity and action in the world. That by actively going into the dream we can bring back so much that is needed in this physical plane on every level.

Do you ever wake up from a dream and think “oh, I won’t write it down, I’ll remember it in the morning,” and then forget it completely by then?

Yes, me too. I recently heard someone say in relation to that phenomenon – the unconscious wants to stay unconscious. Of course it does – and it will do whatever it can to do so including convincing you to go back to sleep or to not meditate today, to not go to yoga to just do this or that or this instead. 

There’s nothing wrong with that and it may be necessary for wherever you are at the moment.

The thing is that with each dream we work with, there is some more awareness. The unconscious shifts and awakens. With each awakening there is healing. With each healing we can show up in the world for ourselves and for others in new ways. 

This is why I love working with the sub and unconscious realms. The realms of the underworld that can emerge into consciousness. 

This is also where much of our true nature is – where we can be with original thought and voice. By diving into the dream we each see or feel things unique to us that can then be expressed and allow others to see something within themselves. 

The risk here is that there seems to be a tipping point… once heading down this path and seeing more and more with awareness there is an inevitable tip towards action. Once you know better you do better. Whatever that may be.

Perhaps it’s putting yourself out there in the world in new ways or helping other people through difficult situations. Creating art that may or may not be liked. Perhaps simply being more and more authentic feels scary to others (or to you). The vibration of healing can be disruptive in its own right.

This has also helped me see just how important each of our voices are and that the world needs the projects you want to create. What the dream is nudging you to heal and help others see and relate with.

It’s helped me focus even more on my writing and to just put things out into the world that may be helpful for others. To that end I recently launched two of my workshops as eBooks! Understanding Reiki and Yoga Nidra for Everyday Life are now short reads available to you on Amazon. Both explore the subconscious/dream realm in different ways with the Yoga Nidra book diving deeply into how the practice works in relation to the subconscious and why we want to go in and see this information in ourselves. What benefits it has that apply to your every day. 

*This post was originally published as a newsletter in December 2019, long before this site was even an idea.

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