Loving Kindness for Everyday Life

One of my favourite parts of offering yoga class is not knowing what will come through ahead of time. Being as present as possible for whomever is in the room and the energy that is flowing through. Much of what I end up “teaching” actually comes from the people in the room and a guided intuition. 

The same feels true for me in writing. Today I’m so heart-happy to offer you a brand new original short book called Loving Kindness for Everyday Life. Similar to teaching in a class, I heard a whisper of encouragement to write this book for some unknown reason. So I agreed. What appeared was a surprise even to me!  Thanks to years of practice in listening to what comes through in class (and following through with it) – I was able to apply the same here. Now it’s time to trust and let go. 

Loving Kindness is considered to be a meditation practice. This book is not your typical meditation book – in it I share how this practice can be done even if you have no interest in meditating. Through sharing honestly some of the ups and downs of my own Loving Kindness practice, a bit of neuroscience, and some aspects of the practice that I discovered while writing my hope is that you will want to try or return to this practice (or just know a bit more about it). It’s a short-read at about an hour or so long and includes a break down of how to practice Loving Kindness (also called Metta), where it comes from, why it’s useful and how and when to work with it in your day-to-day. 

For more information, visit the book’s page.

eBook available for Amazon Kindle (device, app or laptop):


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*This post was originally published as a newsletter in Feb 2020, long before this site was even an idea.

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