Full Moon + Writing With The Plants Workshop

Happy Full Moon!

Yesterday was a very full day with many different commitments. Perhaps you can relate? As I was rushing to get ready for a dance class in the city the water dish I filled for the cat I was tending to spilt on my jeans. No problem. Then the water bottle I had filled and put in my bag for class wasn’t done up properly and by the time I got to the subway my shoes, cash, hat, all soaked through. 

I laughed. 

Sad, of course, to not be able to wear my dance shoes, but not a big deal. 

A former version of me would have not laughed. It may have felt like a big deal. The daily interactions we have, and how we enter into a relationship with them, speaks to oh so very much of our health, psychology, mindset, state of being. None of it right or wrong, of course…and, just as water shapes the land around us, it also shapes our inner landscape. The ebbs and flows, tidal waves, rivers that our emotions and energy ride upon–the fluid body.

This morning I laughed more, realizing it’s the full moon!

I laughed because water tables and tides rise on the full moon. Everything is heightened at this time, including our emotional bodies (and responses to ourselves and others we encounter). And I laughed because the water around me yesterday was rising! It found a way to rise, even in the concrete confines of New York City where the sacred rivers that the original people of this land knew still flow way beneath the streets. Even from my water bottle. 

I laughed because this was a good reminder for me to remember the elements are always present and have their own power. A reminder to honor that power and to work with it.

If you are curious about additional ways to connect with your own watery ways, join us for our last Zoom yoga nidra class of this session tonight at 7:15 pm EST, and check out the plant/tree books that have particular affinity for the moon and water. They are Dreaming with Mugwort (also available in Spanish) and Dreaming with Willow. Water is also often associated with creativity and the new book Creative Being: A Conversation with Gérome Barry is coming out on the Spring Equinox (March 20th!) so stay tuned for more on that or pre-order your copy today!

You can also join me for a Writing with the Plants: A Virtual Workshop, coming your way on March 25th! 

Photo credit: Stuart Garber of HeadRest Healing Arts, artwork by Justin Winslow taken at the opening of Blended Beings: The Exhibition, curated by Janet Morgan and Susanna Plotnick with ArtFront Galleries.

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