New Book Launch of Envisioning New Ecosystems: A Conversation with Stewart Hoyt

Happy Spring Equinox! Are you feeling any shifts as we move into the rebirth of spring here in the North? 

It feels like a perfect time to launch a new idea—taking a podcast conversation with Stewart Hoyt and turning it into a book!

Please join me in welcoming Envisioning New Ecosystems: A Conversation with Stewart Hoyt into the world!

This short book introduces and explores the concept of ecstatic movement, what that is, and how being present in your body helps you be present within the local environment of which you are a part. In our conversation, Stewart shares practical ideas for how to create new ecosystems in places like New York City, offering solutions to help offset climate change. He posits a message of hope, possibility, connection, and an abundance of productivity not just environmentally but economically. 

The book includes new insights not offered in the podcast like key concepts that expand beyond the typical definitions of things like a biome, ecosystem, ecstatic movement, the story behind the conversation, and worksheets for you to dream and envision how to work with the ideas presented.

I also offer a plant spirit reading to remember that co-creation works beyond human-centric thinking, and to help establish a conversation with the plant world as a mainstream way of being. 

This is the first in a new series of books called The Future is Possible! (More on that soon!). Let’s build the future together, now.

If you’re looking for something to inspire new thoughts, or instill hope for the future, along with practical practices to explore, check it out! I promise there’s nothing else like it out there. 🙂 Because it’s a bit different, it would be extra awesome if you could buy a copy and support this creative energy. Your support goes further than you could imagine and inspires me to keep going, to keep writing, and to try new things! Truly. 

eBook available for Amazon Kindle (device, app or laptop):


Paperback book available:


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