Embracing the Fool

The Fool card from the Rider–Waite tarot deck, scanned by Holly Voley 

Happy April Fools’ Day! 

I’m laughing at myself because yesterday I was getting caught up in trying to write a short story for a class I’m taking and all I could see was the same. The same patterns of how I write, the same story I always tell emerging yet again through different characters. The irony being that in the story the characters need to embrace the Fool in order to transform and when I got to that part of the story, what came out was so serious. 

I stopped. I shared with a friend. I walked away–literally–went for a walk outside. Then, hours later, on my yoga mat I felt into the Fool energy. The energy of laughing at and with myself for being so serious. Yes, the characters need the Fool in this story but, of course, so do I! Entering into the energy and laughing at myself for getting stuck in this way again, I found a new way through! A completely different scene emerged–one that is filled with laughter and light.

There is a huge amount of freedom in being able to play the Fool and a creative energy that, at least for me, doesn’t get worked with as much as it could. I’m curious what the world might look like if we embraced the Fool, without judgment or worry. What do you think? 

What a day to embrace the foolish! If you need help doing so, have a listen to this podcast episode with Janet Morgan, or this blog post from a few years ago about shedding the serious and letting things be lighter within.  

What comes from putting yourself out there? Whether you feel foolish doing so or not?

Sometimes surprising things emerge! Like a recent video posted by a friend about Sister, and the Dreaming with the Plants books! Never would have happened without the risk of putting ourselves out there. As April is Poetry Month, I’d love if you could watch it, read Sister, and/or write your own poem. Maybe something to do with foolishness. Nonsense. Something different. Out of the ordinary to what you usually do. I’d love to read them! Or share them on instagram if you tag me @heather.sanderson

(Another one of our podcast guests, Annie McDonnell just posted a stacked book poem, another thing you can try!).

I imagine the people who started Earth Day in 1970 felt passionate and also likely met (and still do) with the attacking energy that the Fool can conjure up. That energy so many of us try to avoid–how to avoid being hurt by never looking foolish. Somehow, protecting the environment, connecting with nature, or talking with the plants has become written off as “foolish”–maybe it is! And, what’s the harm? By stepping into that potential hesitant space of the foolish and having a heart-to-heart with non-human being, maybe you are imagining it. Maybe it is real. Maybe it doesn’t matter at all–and why not explore? Play? Check out the top ten Majestic Wisdom books of March for inspiration on how to do so.

Choose a plant or tree from the list of books that’s calling to you, or who you like, give that book a read and try some of the exercises within. Again, I’d love to hear more, or tag me if you post something. 

If you feel a bit stuck or trapped in similar patterns. Try any of these ideas, or move in a silly way. A way that feels foolish to you. Notice the sensations that arise.

Embracing the Fool may just be the way to help us get out our own way–individually and collectively. To envision something new. Different. Possible. 

This post was originally published as a newsletter in April 2022.

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