Dreaming with Rhubarb + The Return of the Light

Last night I noticed that the sunlight lingered slightly longer. Here in the wintery north it has been grey, snowy, or rainy across many lands. We hear and talk a lot about this time being one of hibernation, staying inward, dreaming, resting and those are all valuable parts of life. They can also lead to feelings of desolation, hopelessness, tap into pools of depression, or any other range of sensations in the body, mind and spirit. 

How do you find the balance? 

So much in the “healing arts” is about not clinging–knowing that everything is temporary and will come and go. At the same time we are active participants in choosing what to accept and when, what works for us, and when we are able to, making decisions and changes. Inventing, innovating, iterating. 

It’s a dance for sure and one that constantly evolves as our circumstances, relationships, and own inner landscape change from one minute to the next.

I stopped before writing this sentence and my heart smiled as I felt into the energy of Rhubarb and her new book, Dreaming with Rhubarb: A Plant Spirit Short Read which launches today on the first new moon of 2023!

My heart softened to think of Rhubarb’s hardy energy calling upon me to write this book. She first appeared, as if tapping me on the shoulder, over a year ago and I said no. Then she became insistent in October of last year, so I started to write and I’m so happy I did.

This is the first plant spirit book to come out in 15 months! I had thought the “Dreaming with the Plants” series was complete, but book number 22 wanted to come into the world. Not only was it a delightful process, it reawakened a light in my heart–one that became a bit buried. Even as I call upon it now, the light in my heart bumps up against some internal debris before glowing. Yet, once it glows, I feel radiant and have a sense of confirmation in the process. I feel connected again to the plants and to myself. Something I forget, even after so much practice and training. We all forget sometimes, I imagine. 

Forgetting this feels akin to loss. In every possible way.

So thank you, Rhubarb, for helping me remember my way and my heart’s path. Perhaps she can help you too! 

Rhubarb holds the energy of enterprise–collaborating often with humans to create new industry and support entrepreneurial endeavors, whatever they may be. Her spirit will ensure that you continue to have faith in yourself as you move through the cycles of “failure” and “success” and even sheds light on redefining those concepts.

To read more about how to work with Rhubarb, as well as her spirit, folklore, medicine, and to go on a journey with her, consider buying her book via the links below:

eBook available for Amazon Kindle (device, app or laptop):


Paperback available:


What makes your heart glow? Do you spend time resting in that light? Or write it off?

As we approach Imbolc at the beginning of February we can also honor the return of the natural light here in the north! This is the midway point between the winter solstice and spring equinox. So if you draw upon that external energy for support, it’s shifting and the light is returning. To honor this, I’m offering my first in-person workshop in three years (almost to the day!) on February 5th: Return of the Light, which will focus on Imbolc, Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra. More information visit the events page or register via this link.

I hope you are receiving the nourishment you need at this moment and that these offerings can add in some way to your own heart’s journey.

The light in me sees and honors the light in you.

With love and magic.

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