Top 22 Majestic Wisdom Books of 2022

Do you ever forget that everything that you do first started out with not really knowing how? I do! Facebook kindly reminded me on December 30th that it was one year ago to the day when I started writing a new kind of book.

At that time, I had no idea how the book, Envisioning New Ecosystems: A Conversation with Stewart Hoyt would come together. Yet, as one section was birthed into reality, formed and solid, the rest followed. Then a new series of books was born. The Future is Possible series emerged in 2022 and from those early, tentative seeds, now has four books in the world and more on the way. Now, writing these books is a part of what I do, as if I always have. While each one brings good problem-solving and thoughts for me to work through, the foundation is now strong.

I forgot the timing of this first chapter—a new year seed planted. The seed was planted, tended to, supported and, throughout the year, became sustained.

What seeds are you planting this winter? And what supports do you need to help them grow?

If you seek additional resources, this year’s Top 22 Majestic Wisdom Books of 2022 are filled with all kinds of ways to help you nurture yourself, your creativity, intuition, and discover (and cultivate) connection. It’s my hope that they help you remember your magic and bring it into the world.

The 22 most popular books of 2022 are:

  1. Dreaming with Mugwort
  2. Building the Future Now Through Reiki: A Conversation with Nathalie Biermanns
  3. Dreaming with Nettle
  4. Dreaming with Lavender
  5. Dreaming with Rosemary
  6. Dreaming with Willow
  7. Envisioning New Ecosystems: A Conversation with Stewart Hoyt
  8. Holding Space to Heal: A Conversation with Holly Ramey
  9. Dreaming with Violet
  10. Dreaming with Redwood
  11. Dreaming with Dandelion
  12. Yoga Nidra for Everyday Life
  13. Dreaming with Hawthorn
  14. Dreaming with Holly
  15. Dreaming with Oak
  16. Dreaming with Sunflower
  17. Dreaming with Birch
  18. Dreaming with Apple
  19. Dreaming with Elder
  20. Dreaming with Red Clover
  21. Dreaming with Heather
  22. Dreaming with Sumac

Thank you for reading and dreaming with the plants and imagining the infinite possibilities of the world. It truly is a dream come true to share these works with you.

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