The Future is Possible

What if the future is entirely up to us to co-create and build? Are people equipped to think beyond the fatalistic mindset of worst-case scenarios and the tendency to imagine the end of the world as the only option that lies ahead? What if the future is actually possible? From envisioning new ecosystems to nature conservation to building new ways of being through creativity, and healing arts and sciences, each short book in The Future is Possible series incorporates wise ways of living for modern times.

These books are designed to bring you into conversations on the many ways humans can grow, learn, heal, inspire, and embody a future where all beings not only survive on the planet, but thrive. They also include activities you can try, commitments to make, and ways to take what you read off the page and bring it into the world. As we shift in consciousness, these short reads empower the belief that the future is, indeed, possible and it starts now, with you.

Books in the series:

Envisioning New Ecosystems
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Building the Future Now Through Reiki
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Holding Space
to Heal
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Nature Sanctuary for the Future
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Creative Being
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What Art Can Do
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