Top 10 Majestic Wisdom Books (of All Time)

My heart glows every time someone buys one of my books. It feels like joy and connection and gratitude all mixed together. I’m also curious about which books call to people and when, so I thought I’d share the top 10 books of all time (so far!) from when Majestic Wisdom Publishing started back in November, 2019.

Top 10 Majestic Wisdom Publishing Books:

  1. Dreaming with Mugwort
  2. Sister,
  3. Dreaming with Nettle
  4. Dreaming with Dandelion
  5. Dreaming with Hawthorn
  6. Loving Kindness for Everyday Life
  7. Dreaming with Oak
  8. Dreaming with Violet
  9. Understanding Reiki
  10. Dreaming with Holly

Many people ask me why I think Dreaming with Mugwort has sold the most copies (by a lot!) and I wonder… is it because Mugwort is a plant that assists with opening up and guiding people into the dream world? To help strengthen psychic abilities? At a time when it feels like we really need to dream in a new way of being… to tap into a larger vision that the plant world holds and that we, humans, can execute. Mugwort is a key to this healing and expansion.

To explore the whole library of Majestic Wisdom books, click here.

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