Dreaming with Violet Launch

Life has transformed for all of us. This, we know collectively. Some of you are grieving the loss of a family member. A friend. The loss of a relationship. Job. Expectation of a plan. Where you thought you’d be or wanted to be.  You might oscillate between that feeling of grief and the emotions thatContinue reading “Dreaming with Violet Launch”

Dreaming with Mugwort Launch

How are you feeling? What has your experience been the last few weeks (internal and external)? Take a moment to sit, soften or close your eyes and notice the sensations moving in your body. What arises on the screen of your heart? Many people have reached out to share their process in relation to theContinue reading “Dreaming with Mugwort Launch”

Dreaming with Dandelion Launch

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the relationship between intuition and trust. Not as a concept but as sensations in my body. A while ago I shared about what I’ve “really” been offering in classes (and reinforcing for myself) – how to find your feet and feel into your own experience and truth. To move theContinue reading “Dreaming with Dandelion Launch”

Diving into the Dream Space

Last night I had a crazy set of dreams complete with finding ancient looking white swords inscribed with blue symbols, missing connections on elevators and through phones, and some kind of a death through a vibrant orange power surge.  Do you remember your dreams from the night? I’ve been lucky enough lately to immerse myselfContinue reading “Diving into the Dream Space”

Loving Kindness for Everyday Life

One of my favourite parts of offering yoga class is not knowing what will come through ahead of time. Being as present as possible for whomever is in the room and the energy that is flowing through. Much of what I end up “teaching” actually comes from the people in the room and a guidedContinue reading “Loving Kindness for Everyday Life”